Treating Hemorrhoid in Children

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins around the anus and rectum. They may be either internal (not visible from the outside) or external.


Wrong eating habits may be a cause of hemorrhoids. Eating a diet that contains a large amount of refined foods that are low in bulk (fiber), tends to cause small, hard stools, resulting in straining and constipation; this causes the pressure inside the colon to increase.

Taking ordinary commercial laxatives that are on the market may also be a cause, as many of them irritate the membranous lining of the colon.


Swollen veins are present around the anus or inside the rectum. These swollen blood vessels frequently become irritated and bleed.

Sometimes the bleeding is quite severe and may even result in anemia and weakness. If a blood clot forms in a hemorrhoid, it becomes swollen, blue, tense, and extremely painful. At times the veins inside the rectum are so swollen that when the stool passes they are forced to the outside. In this case, some oil should be used and they should be replaced inside. Often there is extreme itching.


Witch Hazel:

Work great for hemorrhoids and piles.

"Side Effects"

Restores perfect circulation. Helps diarrhea.


Heals piles and hemorrhoids when applied externally.

"Side Effects"

It's an antiseptic healing substance especially of the skin. It is also a diuretic.


This is used for hemorrhoids, mumps, and skin ulcers to reduce inflammation.

"Side Effects"

Helps inflammation just about anywhere it touches. Good for throat and lungs. Excellent non-habit forming pain killer. Calms nerves.

Constipation is a condition diagnosed after 3 months of strenuous bowel movements and complications. While constipation is not often considered a serious problem it often is. The average person has at least one bowel movement per day, while those suffering from constipation can range from one every 3 days to one every week.

How do I know if I have Constipation?

You will feel a hardening of the feces as your body tries to expel it, usually resulting in a sharp pain. Your bowel movements will be spread out over a few days to a week.

What exactly gives you Constipation?

There is a wide range of reasons for constipation. Some vary from minor to extremely serious. Simple things such as depression can cause abnormal delayed bowel movements. Serious matters such as colon cancer and irritable bowel syndrome can also be to blame.

Here is a brief list of other constipation causes:

Heavy dairy consumption
Low fiber intake

Should I take laxatives to solve this?

Do NOT take laxatives constantly in order to deal with constipation. Laxatives used over time will make your constipation worsen by numbing your internal parts.

What is the best way to combat Constipation?

A regular diet and a natural medication is the sure fire way to lessen and ultimately defeat chronic constipation. If natural procedures over time do not improve your problemArticle Search, it is recommended that you visit a doctor as it may be a much more serious problem.


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