Understanding the Link Between Hemorrhoids and Yoga

Home hemorrhoid remedy options are available, and may help alleviate some of your symptoms. Here are some of the traditional home remedies.Use vegetable oil and powdered comfrey as a paste and apply. This is believed to stimulate the immune system.

1. Comfrey is rich in allantoin (which is a wound-healing substance).
Psyllium capsules are said to ease your bowel movements, which will mean less pain, burning, itching, and bleeding when using the bathroom.

2. Witch hazel is a popular remedy, and is the active ingredient in Tuck's Medicated Pads. The cooling qualities relieve the outer pain and itching.

3. Aloe used internally (purchase powdered aloe for this purpose from a health food store) works as a stool softener. Aloe vera gel can be used externally to relieve symptoms.

4. Butcher's broom tea is an old-fashioned home hemorrhoid remedy. Ask your health store for more information, but this tea has anti-inflammatory properties, and will help with vasoconstricting. Sweeten this with honey to help it go down.

5. Powdered horse chestnut is a substance that strengthen the blood vessel walls. It is also an anti-inflammatory. It must be applied directly to the hemorrhoids, as it will cause constipation taken orally. That contributes to the problem instead of helping it!

Looking for help with your hemorrhoids? Try these old-fashioned remedies, they may be helpful, many of us are not familiar with the old-fashioned methods. Other methods which will help include your diet, eating healthy and do not over do the alcohol. When you have to go to the toilet go, as constipation will not help the situation.

I can help you find an easier way for home hemorrhoid remedy solutions.

As a sufferer of piles/hemorrhoids for many years, the relief and freedom from pain, honestly gives me a new lease of life. I do hope that this has helped you and I urge you to cure your hemorrhoids today.

Commonly denied to avoid embarrassment, it is fortunate that there is a home treatment of hemorrhoids that exists. Hemorrhoids pertain to the swelling and inflammation of veins located in the anal area. Once irritated, they become very itchy, painful, and sometimes cause bleeding. It is mainly brought about by trauma to the area and is caused by constipation, sitting down for long periods, and anal intercourse.

Though not life threatening, it is a very bothersome and painful condition. It is advisable to see your doctor so you can ease the pain, as well as get prescribed medicines.

In the meantime, here are few home remedies to help relieve the discomfort:

1. Horse chestnut is a proven treatment in parts of Europe. A compound contained in it called Aescin is the main ingredient, which helps close the pores and strengthens the vein walls. This is not advised for people who have kidney or liver problems.
2. Lobelia extract together with Baptisia extract, zinc sulfate, and water in equal parts form a mixture that relieves itching and promotes healing.
3. Sitz bath refers to a type of bath wherein only the hips and buttocks are immersed in warm water or a saline solution. Try to do this at least twice a day for 15 minutes to get relief from itchiness and pain caused by swelling in the anal area.
4. Witch Hazel is an extract from the barks and leaves of this shrub are actually the main ingredient in a lot of anti-inflammatory creams you see anywhere in the market. This is used by applying it directly to the infected area with a clean piece of cotton.

These kinds of home treatment of hemorrhoids are the most popular methods people recommend and hopefullyScience Articles, they will give you comfort as they did many.


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