What Are Thrombosed Hemorrhoids and Their Causes?

Hemorrhoids can be a very painful and embarrassing condition. The pain can be hard to bear and can affect one's daily life. However, for many, they do not know they have hemorrhoids until their condition gets more serious. Learn the common symptoms of hemorrhoids so that you can seek treatment fast.

In the anal canal there is two different kinds of nerves. The visceral nerves are above the dentate line. These nerves are like the nerves of the intestine and they do not sense pain only pressure. So hemorrhoids that are internal are usually painless.The somatic nerves are like your skin nerves and can sense pain.

When the anal cushion of an internal hemorrhoid begins to enlarge it makes its way through the anal canal. Sometimes it pulls down some of the lining of the rectum above. It may also protrude from the anus.

Having an internal hemorrhoid can be very painful with the passing of stool, especially when there is hard stool due to constipation. This can sometimes cause bleeding and pain. The lining of the rectum is sometimes pulled down and secretes mucus, making the area around the anus moist.

Most of the time, hemorrhoids will return into the anal canal or rectum on its own. Internal hemorrhoids are put into four categories as for the severity. First degree hemorrhoids bleed but do not prolapsed. Second degree hemorrhoids prolapsed and retract on their own. Third degree hemorrhoids prolapsed but must be pushed back in with a finger. Fourth degree hemorrhoids prolapsed and can not be pushed in. Some of fourth degree hemorrhoids may contain blood clots. Some even may pull some of the lining of the rectum through the anus.

AI presume if you are reading this article that you have experienced the pain of hemorrhoids or are presently experiencing that pain. Those irritating bumps can for the lack of a better expression, be a real pain in the backside.

So what are hemorrhoids and why do they occur? The reason why hemorrhoids come about is due to excess pressure forced upon the rectum or anus. This pressure can take place due to heavy lifting.

It can also happen because of strained bowel movements or constipation. Women who are pregnant can also fall victim to hemorrhoids. Individuals who work long hours sitting down can also be affected.

Hemorrhoids are not an unusual problem in actual fact over ten million Americans suffer from hemorrhoids and out of that ten million around three million seek medical assistance and treatment each year.

So what can you do about them? Visiting the doctor these day's can be expensive. One of the big causes as mentioned is strained bowel movements. This in effect is caused by poor diet.

When you eat poor quality foods then your body will perform poorly. This will result in difficulty passing food. When this happens there will be stress in the rectum area. So what you need to do as soon as possible is improve your diet.

In conclusionBusiness Management Articles, add more fiber to your diet. Eat more fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables. Try cut down on heavily processed foods such as fast foods. You can also add herbal supplements to your diet to improve the health of you veins.


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