What You Need to Know About Hemorrhoid and Pregnancy

Applying herbs to hemorrhoids to relieve the pain and discomfort of the condition is a hemorrhoid remedy that requires no surgical intervention and causes no side effects. Your hemorrhoid problem may not be severe requiring surgical intervention, but it can still be uncomfortable if left untreated.

Although there are many chemical based topical creams and suppositories available at pharmacies, they need to be used under the supervision of a physician because of possible side effects and allergies.

Herbs used to treat hemorrhoids.

The most popular herbal hemorrhoid remedy is witch hazel. Witch hazel has properties by which the blood vessels causing the hemorrhoid shrink and contract. Putting a cotton wool ball soaked in witch hazel on ice and applying it on the affected area will give instant and long lasting relief. Horse chestnut is another herb that is used for hemorrhoid relief. Aloe Vera Extracts of herbs like aloe vera, rue, lupin, butcher's broom and bayberry are widely used as hemorrhoid pain relievers. The Japanese pagoda tree extract is well known as a hemorrhoid remedy. Yarrow tea is also applied to hemorrhoids for relief from the symptoms.

The healing effects of herbs on hemorrhoids.

Using herbs as a hemorrhoid remedy cures slowly naturally and surely. Herbs are known to relieve pain, stop itching, prevent bleeding, swelling and burning. Herbs aid the circulation of blood and can be applied externally and taken internally for this purpose. Herbal treatments for hemorrhoids have no known side effects and seldom cause an allergic reaction which could add to the woes of the hemorrhoid sufferer.

A gentle way of getting rid of hemorrhoids is by applying the hemorrhoid remedy of herbal extracts because they soothe the hemorrhoid away the natural way.

There are many hemorrhoid remedies and medications available over the counter. Many are widely advertised in newspapers and on TV. Over the counter medication can be taken internally and used as external applications. It is, however, important to consult a physician before buying medication because some of them may have side effects that are not suitable to your condition.

Hemorrhoid Remedies Available Over the Counter

Hemorrhoid remedies that are available over the counter as external applications come in the form of creams and suppositories. They are usually pain killers that instantly remove discomfort. Creams are generally considered more effective than suppositories for hemorrhoid relief. Creams for hemorrhoid relief come with many compositions. One common composition is calcium dobesilate. Other creams contain the chemical hydrocortisone that is an instant discomfort reliever. Other hemorrhoid creams available over the counter have astringents and vasoconstrictors that restrict circulation. Common hemorrhoid relief creams contain chemicals like calamine, lidocaine, benzocaine, penylphrine, ephedrine and epinephrine.

Are these over the counter remedies safe?

It is important to consult a physician before buying over the counter hemorrhoid remedies. This is because some chemicals may have an adverse reaction if the patient has other ailments in addition to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid medication can interfere with any anti depressant used by the patient. Since hemorrhoids are caused by blood vesselsPsychology Articles, a patient suffering from related ailments like cardiovascular disease or hypertension must use over the counter medication with caution. Sometimes a patient is tempted to use an anti itching cream on hemorrhoids. This will only serve to make the hemorrhoids worse.

Hemorrhoid remedies available over the counter are quick relief remedies and do not address the long term problems of hemorrhoid sufferers.


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