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Health insurance: As a self-employed insure legally or privately?

In Germany, about 90 percent are insured with a statutory health insurance. In contrast to employees, self-employed persons are not subject to compulsory insurance and have the choice: they can freely choose between a statutory or private health insurance . Employees have this option only from a monthly income of currently 4,950 euros gross ...

Legally or privately insured
The self-employed, for example, when starting their own business or starting a business before deciding how to insure themselves, should not make the decision easy. Because this has far-reaching implications for the future : Who decides today, for example, for a private insurance, can change later only in a few cases back to the legal insurance. Even if private insurance, which is initially more favorable to young people in the first instance, seems more attractive at first glance, a legal insurance can be the more suitable alternative for many, especially in the medium and long term.

Different calculation of costs

Employee search: This is how companies find new employees

The employee search is becoming increasingly difficult for companies. Especially in the so-called MINT subjects and scientific-technical occupations are barely enough applicants. An innovative employee search that does not work according to Scheme F is required. On the other hand, the search methodology tells the applicant something about the company and can help him find out about his potential employer before applying ...

Companies use these methods to find new employees
How companies look for employees reveals something about their corporate philosophy . Companies that only use job advertisements in newspapers will not have much of a problem with digitization . Conversely, one may assume that the company is more Internet affine in a job advertisement in the social media.

In other words, where you as an employee look for your new employer is an important decision. Anyone who knows how and especially where companies are looking for new employees can position themselves accordingly. O…

These successful people reinvented themselves at the age of 30

Admittedly, rebooting is easier with a familiar name . The risk, however, is always with you if you want to take a completely new path. How can you reinvent yourself when you have already passed the first three decades of your life? For example: These 10 stars have reinvented themselves with 30.

10 stars who reinvented themselves at the age of 30
It is never too late. It's easier to say than it is. But even beyond the age of 30 you can opt for a new career, a whole new life. Here comes the proof: Ten celebrities who have managed the lane change - although they were not quite dewy.

Jeff Bezos
Bezos studied electrical engineering and computer science at Princeton , then hired a hedge fund on New York's Wall Street. When he launched online bookstore Amazon in 1994, he had just passed the 30-year threshold . The rapidly growing user numbers in this ominous Internet had prompted him to do so.

The right nose! Amazon has long since transformed the retail industry - making Jeff Bezos …

This is how you prove your social competence

Hardly any term is as charged as the social competence . Behind this are often positive key skills such as teamwork, motivation or communication skills. And not infrequently, social competence of personnel is even called as a significant recruitment criterion, synonymous with a kind of personality skills . According to a study by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training, so-called soft skills , and thus also social skills , account for around 40 percent of professional success: We do not work alone ... But what about the demanded ability and what really distinguishes it?

Definition: What is social competence anyway?
The much-hyped property is one of the so-called social skills or soft skills . Their presence is thus, in contrast to a hard qualification (hard skills) measurable neither by a degree or by a certificate.

Social Competence Softskills Hardskills Overview Graphic
Rather, the social competence usually reveals only in togetherness.

However, this is quite early: even in ki…

Signature: What the signature tells about you

Our signature is placed under official documents, orders and invoices. And that has a reason. With our signature , we reveal ourselves as ourselves - and not just in the legal sense. Our signature also tells the practiced eye something about our character traits, personality and way of working. What this can be and how companies use it for themselves ...

Signature: What the signature tells about you

Contents: That's what you'll find in this article

Graphology: What is meant by that?
The signature analysis in the application process
Signature: What features are being investigated?
This is what graphologists say about the signature of famous people
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