Signature: What the signature tells about you

Our signature is placed under official documents, orders and invoices. And that has a reason. With our signature , we reveal ourselves as ourselves - and not just in the legal sense. Our signature also tells the practiced eye something about our character traits, personality and way of working. What this can be and how companies use it for themselves ...

Signature: What the signature tells about you

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Graphology: What is meant by that?
The signature analysis in the application process
Signature: What features are being investigated?
This is what graphologists say about the signature of famous people
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Graphology: What is meant by that?
Graphology: What is meant by that?Although the term graphology sounds scientific, it is not in the strict sense. Although graphology comes from psychology, its findings can not be empirically demonstrated - which is a criterion for scientificity. Nevertheless, the doctrine of the importance of handwriting is often used to get a first end impression of a person.

The underlying idea: The handwriting of a person is something very individual and can reveal much about the character and the personality . Using selected criteria, graphologists examine a man's handwriting for quite characteristic features and try to deduce certain essential characteristics .

Graphologists indicate that they can deduce from the handwriting of a human, whether it has come during his childhood and adolescence to developmental disorders and how stable his mind is. Also, the inherent drive, so whether a person is full of enthusiasm or passive, they can - according to their own statements - read out of the typeface. What they can not do, however, is to deduce age, gender or political attitude from Scripture.

Since graphology is not a science in the classical sense, it can not be studied at a college or university . However, the professional association of graphologists offers a three-year training in which the basic techniques and analytical tools are taught.

The signature analysis in the application process
In order to find the best candidate for the advertised position, companies are also rather unconventional ways - and one of them is the commission of a graphologist. After all, it would be a shame if a lot of time and money had been invested in the selection of a candidate who turns out to be unsuitable for the job after a short time. Not because he lacks the necessary qualifications, but because he does not fit into the team or company because of his personality and style of work .

Graphologists in this case promise a decision-making aid and offer to analyze the applicant's signature or written sample. There is a difference whether a whole text or only the signature is examined.

The script analysts assume that a person shows with their signature who they would like to be or how they would like to be perceived by others . The actual handwriting on the other hand - for example, in the form of a handwritten CV or a typeface - gives a pretty accurate picture of the actual personality.

Therefore, one of the first steps of a graphologist is to check that the sample matches the signature . If a person has a relatively small typeface, but on the other hand a sprawling and oversized signature, the analysts are startled. On the other hand, if the signature and the other manuscript match well, this sheds a good light on the applicant. This can be an indication that he or she is authentic.

Signature: What features are being investigated?
Most graphologists begin with the analysis of the font with the following features:

Rhythm of Scripture
Is she consistent and in flux, or does she seem to be ticked off?

Do some letters lean to the right while others seem to slip to the left, or does the font display a consistent typeface ?

Are certain idiosyncrasies copied or does the typeface make a very authentic and unadulterated impression ?

After this first impression it goes on to the further investigation of the signature. The professionals distinguish between four other features :

In persons using the garland, the viewer will hardly recognize a difference between u and n . Graphologists ascribe to this type of characteristics such as the joy of contact and openness .

This my graphologists vaults, reminiscent of an arc and therefore one finds in letters such as m , n or h . People who like to use arcades are described as more reserved and introverted .

The thread-like spelling is particularly affected by the letters n , m and u , which are difficult to distinguish for non-graphologists and more reminiscent of lines rather than letters. Individuals with a handwriting with these characteristics are characterized by adaptability and flexibility .

People who like to write in angles tend to use jagged lines rather than curved arches. Graphologists associate people with this signature determination and assertiveness .

In the last step, the graphologists go into depth and thus take a closer look. Here you pay attention to features such as the size of the font, whether there are certain forms that can be read out of the typeface or whether the font has a lot of pressure. This synopsis gives the overall picture that the graphologists attribute to the person being analyzed.

Incidentally, a few points have emerged that repeatedly occur in successful people :

The signature is written quickly,
comes without hooks, bows and other embellishments,
tends to the right,
The individual letters are not separated from each other, but fit into a uniform typeface.

This is what graphologists say about the signature of famous people
Especially the signatures of personalities who are in the public eye are often used by graphologists to prove their art:

Signature Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
Signature Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for example, signs only with his initials. Some analysts suggest that he attaches great importance to his privacy . Ironically, considering how Facebook deals with its users' private data. The fact that his signature consists only of capital letters shows that he has a healthy self-confidence.

Signature Meg Whitman, Ebay and Hewlett-Packard
Signature Meg Whitman Ebay
Margaret (Meg) Cushing Whitman is also a successful personality whose signature is often interpreted. From 1998 to 2008, she was CEO of eBay and joined Hewlett-Packard in 2011, where she served as President until 2018. She has also been politically involved: in 2010, she ran for the office of Governor of California .

Particularly the end of the signature of Meg Whitman designate graphologists as meaningful. The long, almost horizontal line in the end means that Whitman has a great deal of drive, perseverance, and determination .

Another peculiarity: While she completely writes out her first name, she scribbles her last name a bit recklessly. But that is not meant at all. On the contrary, she shows that she is very proud of what she has achieved so far in her professional career.

Signature Satya Nadella, Microsoft
Signature Satya Nadella Microsoft
Satya Narayana Nadella can also be proud of what he has achieved: Since 2014, he has been the CEO of Microsoft, making him one of the most influential figures in the business world. His signature, on the other hand, is a bit inconspicuous - his last name is shortened with the first letter and a full stop.

However, signature analysts point out that one should not be fooled by it. Especially the point after the N has it in itself: He points out that Nadella has a strong self-confidence and a great sincerity .

Signature Bill Gates, Microsoft
Signature Bill Gates Microsoft
Microsoft - and with it the career of Nadella - would be hard to imagine without Bill Gates. The Business Magnat is known not only for his great business ideas but also for his humanitarian efforts.

Graphologists can tell that from the signature: the straightforward and legible signature points to its loyalty , integrity and reliability . While the somewhat oversized capital letters indicate the balance of the signer.

Signature Steve Jobs, Apple
Signature Steve Jobs Apple
The co-founder and longtime - with some breaks - CEO of Apple has gone down in history as a great visionary. At the same time, he was struggling with social habits . Jobs was well known for dominating his staff out of nowhere and asking candidates in job interviews extremely unpleasant, sometimes even aggressive questions.

This - so graphologists - can be seen in his signature. The sharp lines and the energetic point on the i showed Jobs impatient and aggressive. The obliquely upward-pointing signature was a sign of his ambition and foresight .

Incidentally, the placement of the signature also says something about the undersigned: If the signature is more likely to be on the left side of a blank sheet, analysts conclude that the person is anxious and perhaps even struggling with disappointment .

But signing in the middle is not an optimal option. Graphologists see this as a sign that the signer likes to postpone things .

Rather to sign in the right corner is thus the only remaining alternative. And indeed, graphologists attribute these individuals to being more successful and independent. Nevertheless, the signature should not slip too far to the right, because then the signing danger is considered to be unstable and chaotic .

Handwriting Test: What tells you about your personality?

Show me how you write, and I'll tell you who you are! From a man's handwriting experts can derive a lot about the personality. Determined behavior or rather cautious restraint? Lazy or motivated executive or just employee? Such conclusions are actually drawn from the manuscript. For the analysis many different aspects of the script are analyzed and compared with others. The question arises: What does your writing reveal about your personality - and does the result match your own perception? We have created a small handwriting test for you and explain what can be read from the peculiarities of your writing between the lines ...

What is a handwriting test used for?
You got a lot of nice cards for your birthday, but you did not have the opportunity to read all the sweet words. If you go through them again the next day, you probably do not even have to look at the signatures of many texts to know exactly where the card was written. Manuscripts are individual , a business card without signature.

Especially with people who are close to you and know you very well, it is no problem to identify them by the handwriting . The uniqueness of the manuscript is also used in the field of criminalistics, to be able to assign a letter to a specific person.

But handwriting should be able to do even more: Graphologists assume that many of the writer's personality traits are expressed in writing . Behind this is the idea that the character of a person, as in gestures, attitudes or facial expressions, also affects the way of writing. The handwriting as body language written on paper .

Popular and interesting are the regular analyzes of US presidents based on the signature on official documents. Above all, the very narrow, pointed font by current incumbent Donald Trump is often seen as a complete opposite to that of his predecessor Barack Obama, whose signature is sweeping. Two very different manuscripts, two very different personalities and heads of government.

Handwriting Test: Graphology is quite controversial
Handwriting Test Personality Learning Free Intelligence Analysis Comparison PsychologyHowever, there are many critics who encounter a handwriting test and graphology with great distrust when it comes to drawing conclusions about the writer's personality. A common argument of these critics is the so-called Barnum effect , which states that people tend to interpret analyzes and statements about themselves as true.

This effect was proven by an experiment by the American psychologist Betram R. Forer . He told his students that they would do a personality test. Shortly thereafter, each student received an evaluation and should judge, on a scale of 1 to 5, how accurate this assessment of one's personality is. The average score of all students was 4.26 out of 5 - an overwhelming approval that the analysis matched their own personality very well.

The highlight of the matter : Neither the personality test nor the evaluation was real. In fact, ALL students received identical text as a result, which Forer has assembled from some horoscopes themselves (see also Barnum Effect ). This principle could also be based on the analysis of a manuscript test.

Handwriting Test: What Does Your Scripture Say About Your Personality?
Whether you are critical of a handwriting test or not, it is exciting in any case, to analyze your own writing and find out what the graphology could conclude. And now you know that you tend to agree with the evaluation, the better you can reflect on whether the result really suits you.

The handwriting test is so easy: Take a pen and a blank sheet of paper . Write down a few sentences in your normal handwriting. Do not try to write in a beautiful, clear or different way than you would otherwise. Be sure to use as many different letters and words in the sentences as possible to get a complete typeface.

If you can not think of anything spontaneously, try a description of yourself in the sense of My name is ... , I work as ... , In my free time I do ...

Now you can begin to analyze your handwriting more accurately - just answer the following questions as objectively and truthfully as possible . To be able to remember your answers, you can write down the respective letter. After you have answered all questions, you come to the resolution in PDF form. Have fun!


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